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As a freelancer, I design, build and maintain reliable systems, websites and software applications for businesses large and small. I deliver thoroughly researched and planned out architecture, and maintainable, secure and testable code.

With 12+ years of professional experience, I can help you get up and running fast. My main focus is set on back-end development, system integration, mobile web, data architecture, e-commerce, information retrieval and customized search engines.

Languages & Software:
* PHP7 (composer, Symfony, Slim)
* Node.js (Hapi, Express), JavaScript (Vue.js, Backbone, Ampersand.js), NativeScript
* SQL: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite
* NoSQL: CouchDB, Couchbase, Redis, ElasticSearch, SOLR
* Vagrant, Docker
* Shell scripting: bash, awk, sed, ...

Operating Systems:
* GNU/Linux (Debian, CentOS)
* FreeBSD

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