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Daniel started in 2015 as a graphic designer and marketing consultant and has grown over the years to a full-stack marketer. He can be described as "a jack of all trades" and performs well in taking more than one field of work because of his knowledge of all related aspects.

Because of that, full-stack marketers like Daniel perform optimally where there is a need for a "translator" and coödinator in a big division or a helping hand in smaller teams.

Basically, Daniel is someone who can adapt to whatever the situation calls for. This outstanding flexibility translates to easy jumping between multiple projects/tasks without too much trouble.

Project Management, Storytelling, Blogging, Research, Social media, Public relations, Data gathering/management (A/B testing, etc), Analytics, Landing page optimization, CTA optimization, Growth hacking, Design/user experience , Branding/positioning, Customer support/success, HTML, CSS, PHP, Funnel marketing, Content marketing, Video marketing, Email marketing, Paid marketing (PPC, etc)

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